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Products Introduction

—————— PRODUCT ——————

About Acdc

—————— ABOUT US ——————

  The AcDc company acts as a maker of portable power stations built with a rechargeable Li-Ion battery packs for your power needs outdoors or indoors,Keeping most of your necessary appliances ,electronic devices and potable power tools charged and running, ... [MORE + ]

Why choose us

—————— why choose us ——————

Wide application range

Perfect for camping, tailing, fishing and hiking
It is the perfect choice for emergency standby

Large battery capacity

The capacity is 1048wh or 1169wh
Multifunctional socket, 100v-240v AC socket
14V DC socket, 5V / 9V / 12V USB port and C-Port can be provided

Portable power station

Equipped with rechargeable
lithium ion battery pack Meet
outdoor or indoor power demand

Provide you with considerate service

Free guidance services
Several issues resolved
Provide considerate service

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The AcDc company acts as a maker of portable power stations ...

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